【NEW】Colombia Risaralda Finca Riviera "Geisha" | 100g
【NEW】Colombia Risaralda Finca Riviera "Geisha" | 100g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【NEW】Colombia Risaralda Finca Riviera "Geisha" | 100g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【NEW】Colombia Risaralda Finca Riviera "Geisha" | 100g

【NEW】Colombia Risaralda Finca Riviera "Geisha" | 100g

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NEW in MARCH 2024

Colombia Risaralda Finca Riviera "Geisha"(コロンビア・リサラルダ・フィンカ・リヴィエラ・ゲイシャ) 

Colombia Riviera農園より待望のGeisha種が入荷しております。
世界でも注目を集めている品種のみにフォーカスをしコーヒー生産を行う”Finca Riviera”を経営する”マドリッド氏”と”アンドレス キセノ氏”は品種のみならず精製方法も常に新しいものを導入するなど「Culturing」「Nitro Wash」などGLITCH COFFEEにおいても近年取り扱いを増やしているユニークな精製処理を取り入れている生産者です。

またコーヒー生産だけにとどまらず、”Cafe Uba”というオンラインや卸販売限定のコーヒーショップも運営しており、国内外問わず今後とも注目を集めていく素晴らしい取り組みをしている農園です。

今回のリリースするロットは伝統的な “Washed Process”
Geisha種由来の味わいを最大限に感じられ、Blood Orange, Yellow Peachを思わせる上品な味わいです。


The long-awaited Geisha coffee from Colombia Riviera is now available.

Finca Riviera" is a coffee production company that focuses on only the most notable coffee varieties in the world.

Mr. Madrid and Mr. Andres Ciceno, who run "Finca Riviera", focus on producing coffees with only the world's most notable varieties, and are constantly introducing new methods of refining as well as new varieties, such as "Culturing" and "Nitro Wash". They are producers who have introduced unique refining processes such as "Culturing" and "Nitro Wash," which GLITCH COFFEE has been handling more and more in recent years.
He also operates "Cafe Uba," a coffee shop that sells coffee online and wholesale only, and is making great efforts that will continue to attract attention in Japan and abroad.

The lot to be released this time is a traditional "Washed Process" lot.
This lot is a traditional "Washed Process" lot, with maximum flavor from the Geisha variety,It has an elegant flavor reminiscent of Blood Orange and Yellow Peach.

This is a great opportunity to try coffee from a great estate that is expanding the production and potential of coffee in Colombia.

Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1,700m
Processing: Washed
Tasting notes: Blood Orange, Bergamot, Yellow Peach, Herb, Pineapple, Improve