Original Drip-Bag 10PC | Ethiopia Guji Uraga
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Original Drip-Bag 10PC | Ethiopia Guji Uraga

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A drip bag set that allows you to easily enjoy GLITCH coffee.

The coffee beans used here are Ethiopia Guji Uraga .

High-quality flavors such as Goji Berry, Mandarin Orange, and Assum tea bring overwhelming satisfaction. It's a coffee that makes you feel the wonders of coffee from various aspects, such as smooth texture and bright acidity.

The drip bag does not require any special extraction equipment, just set it in a cup and pour hot water into it to make coffee. When the bag is made, it is filled with gas to maintain freshness, so the taste is comparable to that of coffee brewed with special equipment.

It is very popular as a gift for friends who like coffee and coffee time at the office where you don't have much time. Please use it for your home or as a gift.

Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 2095-2120m
Processing: Natural
Tasting notes: Goji Berry, Mandarin Orange, Assum Tea, Black Cherry, Hazelnuts, Smooth, Bright Acidity
Net: 10 bags

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