【NEW】Honduras Las Virginias 2023 COE No.2 | 50g
【NEW】Honduras Las Virginias 2023 COE No.2 | 50g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【NEW】Honduras Las Virginias 2023 COE No.2 | 50g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【NEW】Honduras Las Virginias 2023 COE No.2 | 50g

【NEW】Honduras Las Virginias 2023 COE No.2 | 50g

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NEW in April 2024

Honduras Las Virginias 2023 COE No.2(ホンジュラス・ラス・ビルヒーニアス・2023 COE No.2

2023年HondurasのCup Of Excellenceで2位を獲得し、オークションで落札したトップオブトップのコーヒーが到着しています。

そしてDolmin氏は自身が手掛けるコーヒーで近い将来Cup Of Excellenceの1位を獲得することを決意し、2023年はそれを大きく手繰り寄せる一歩となりました。

品種由来のBergamotやHoneyなテイストと、process由来のGrapefruitやBrown sugarを思わせる甘さが格別な一杯です。

Hondurasのコーヒー生産に革命を起こす”Las Virginias”農園のコーヒーを、この機会に是非お試し下さい。

It won second place in the 2023 Honduras Cup Of Excellence,
The top of the top coffees that won at the auction have arrived.

The Honduras coffee has been producing a number of lots that have won top prizes at recent competitions,
The owner of the estate, "Dolmin Josue", is passionate about raising the level of coffee production in Honduras, especially in the cultivation of the Geisha variety.
He is committed to producing high quality coffee from various perspectives, such as protecting the employment of the workers who support the farm through coffee production, and improving the environment for continuous coffee production through thorough quality control.
Mr. Dolmin is determined to win the Cup of Excellence for his coffee in the near future, and 2023 is a big step toward that goal.

This lot is also a Geisha variety.
It has a Bergamot and honey taste from the variety and a sweetness reminiscent of grapefruit and brown sugar from the process, making it an exceptional cup.

Please take this opportunity to try the coffee from "Las Virginias" farm, which is revolutionizing coffee production in Honduras.

Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1,650m
⁡Processing: Washed
Tasting notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Honey, Brown Sugar, Long After, Clean Cup