【NEW】Guatemala La Reforma Y Anexos 2023 COE No.3 | 50g
【NEW】Guatemala La Reforma Y Anexos 2023 COE No.3 | 50g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【NEW】Guatemala La Reforma Y Anexos 2023 COE No.3 | 50g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【NEW】Guatemala La Reforma Y Anexos 2023 COE No.3 | 50g

【NEW】Guatemala La Reforma Y Anexos 2023 COE No.3 | 50g

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NEW in November 2023

Guatemala La Reforma Y Anexos 2023 COE No.3(グアテマラ・ラ・レフォルマ・2023 COE No.3

Guatemala Cup of excellence 2023において3位に入賞したロットが到着致しました。

今回のロットは、”La Reforma y Anexos”農園のGeisha種です。

1904年にManuel Perez氏が取得した農園は100年以上の歴史ある農園であり当初は、タバコ、トウモロコシ、豆の生産を主に行なっていました。
その後、Perez氏の息子であるLeonardo氏が同じ作物の栽培と併せて、コーヒー生産を1939年にスタートさせました。Leonardo氏は若い頃から熱意を持ち農園で働き始め、兄弟や従兄弟たちと一緒にコーヒーを栽培・収穫し、コーヒーが出来上がるとラバ(家畜)に乗せ、Agua Dulce、CuilcoからHuehuetangoまで6日間かけて歩き運ぶという生活を続けました。


Jasmine やBergamotを連想させる華やかさに加え、
Red Apple,Lemonadeのようなみずみずしい爽やかな味わいをお楽しみください。

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the lot that won third place in the Guatemala Cup of excellence 2023.

This lot is a Geisha variety from "La Reforma y Anexos" farm.
This is one of the representative farms in Guatemala, which also won a prize at the 2022 COE held last year.

The farm was acquired by Manuel Perez in 1904 and has a history of more than 100 years.
Leonardo, Perez's son, started coffee production in 1939, along with the cultivation of the same crops, and Leonardo began working on the farm with great enthusiasm at a young age, growing and harvesting coffee with his brothers and cousins, and then loading the finished coffee onto mules (livestock) for transport to Agua D'Alba. When the coffee was ready, they would load it onto mules and walk six days to Huehuetango from Agua Dulce and Cuilco.

Today, the fourth generation continues this fascinating coffee production, a crop so important to the Perez family that the fifth generation is already working to make this one of the best farms in Huehuetango.

In addition to the floral notes reminiscent of Jasmine and Bergamot, it also has a red apple, lemonade, and a hint of spice,
The taste is fresh and refreshing, reminiscent of Red Apple and Lemonade.

Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1,700m
Processing: Washed
Tasting notes: Jasmine Tea, Cane Sugar, Red Apple, Lemonade, Super Clean Cup