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[NEW] Ethiopia Guji Uraga | 150g

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NEW in July 2024

Ethiopia Guji Uraga Natural

A new coffee bean from Guji Uraga, which is also popular at GLITCH, will be added to the lineup. The refining process is traditional Natural. You can enjoy the full fruity sweetness and texture of the coffee cherry to the fullest.

The high-quality flavors of Goji Berry, Mandarin Orange, and Assum Tea will give you overwhelming satisfaction. This coffee will let you experience the greatness of coffee from various aspects, such as its smooth mouthfeel and bright acidity.

This is a highly recommended drink for daily use. Please enjoy the sophisticated flavor at home!

High-quality flavors such as Goji Berry, Mandarin Orange, and Assum tea are overwhelmingly satisfying. It's a coffee that makes you feel the wonders of coffee from various aspects, such as smooth texture and bright acidity.

Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 2,095-2,120M
Processing: Natural
Tasting Notes: Goji Berry, Mandarin Orange, Assam Tea, Black Cherry, Hazelnut, Smooth, Bright Acidity

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