[NEW] Ethiopia Guji Shakisso | 150g
[NEW] Ethiopia Guji Shakisso | 150g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [NEW] Ethiopia Guji Shakisso | 150g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [NEW] Ethiopia Guji Shakisso | 150g

[NEW] Ethiopia Guji Shakisso | 150g

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NEW in June 2024

Ethiopia Guji Shakisso

We have received a batch of Ethiopian coffee that offers a vibrant flavor profile derived from its terroir.

Shakisso, located in the southern part of Ethiopia, is a renowned area globally recognized as a centerpiece for Ethiopian coffee.

This lot features coffee processed using the traditional natural method. Only coffee cherries with a Brix value of 18-22 degrees are selected, and any underripe or overripe cherries are meticulously removed by hand.
The coffee cherries are then carefully dried over 18 to 30 days. To ensure even drying, they are manually turned and covered on particularly sunny days.

The painstaking efforts put into producing this coffee yields a flavor reminiscent of Orange Tea, derived from the terroir, with robust sweetness suggesting notes of Cassis and Grape.

Enjoy this cup that captures the richness of Ethiopia.

Variety: Heirloom
⁡Altitude: 1850-2200m
Processing: Natural
⁡Tasting Notes: Grape, Cassis, Orange Tea, Almond, Juicy, Balanced

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