【NEW】Ethiopia Gesha Village Auction INV.2 | 50g
【NEW】Ethiopia Gesha Village Auction INV.2 | 50g
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【NEW】Ethiopia Gesha Village Auction INV.2 | 50g

【NEW】Ethiopia Gesha Village Auction INV.2 | 50g

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NEW in November 2023

Ethiopia Gesha Village Auction INV.2(エチオピア・ゲシャ・ビレッジ・オークション・INV.2 

「Geisha発祥の地」として知られているEthiopia、その中で最も有名なGesha Villegeより、Innovations Reserve 2位で落札した特別なコーヒーが届きました。

米国生まれのAdamとEthiopia生まれのRachel夫妻は、 2007年にEthiopia政府からコーヒーのドキュメンタリー映画製作依頼をきっかけに、当初首都Addis Ababa近郊で農地を探しはじめますが、求める環境・気候条件に合わず、 いつしか遥か遠方まで探索の範囲を広めていき、辿り着いた場所が、Gesha種発祥の地である Gesha村でした。

この農園から約20㎞に位置するGesha種の原生林Gori Gesha Forestは、Jasmineの香りが広がる Gesha種の現生地です。様々ある種から、今回はPanama Geishaに最も酷似した品種のGesha 1931 を用い、革新的なMostto Anaerobic Honeyプロセスを行ったコーヒーです。


Elder flowerOrange blossomを感じさせる華やかなアロマと、HoneyMuscatWhite peachを連想させる濃厚な甘さをお楽しみください。

Ethiopia is known as the "Cradle of Geisha", and from Gesha Villege, the most famous coffee in Ethiopia, we have received a very special coffee that was awarded the second place in the Innovations Reserve.

Adam, born in the United States, and his wife Rachel, born in Ethiopia, were asked by the Ethiopian government to make a documentary film about coffee in 2007, and started looking for a farm near the capital Addis Ababa. However, the environmental and climatic conditions were not suitable, and the search eventually led him to the village of Gesha, the birthplace of the Gesha variety.

The Gori Gesha Forest, a virgin forest of the Gesha species, is located about 20 km from the plantation, and is the current habitat of the Gesha species, with its fragrance of Jasmine. This coffee is the result of an innovative Mostto Anaerobic Honey process, using Gesha 1931, the variety most closely resembling Panama Geisha, among many other varieties.

The owner and his wife are not satisfied with the status quo, and are committed to continue to improve the quality of their coffee and the living standards of the local people.

Please enjoy the gorgeous aroma reminiscent of elder flower and orange blossom, and the rich sweetness reminiscent of honey, muscat, and white peach.

Variety: Geisha 1931
Altitude: 2,000m
Processing: Mossto Anaerobic Honey
Tasting notes: Elder Flower, Honey, Muscat, White Peach, Orange Blossom, Smooth, Long Finish