[NEW] Ecuador Sozoranga Yambamine "Sidra" | 50g
[NEW] Ecuador Sozoranga Yambamine "Sidra" | 50g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [NEW] Ecuador Sozoranga Yambamine "Sidra" | 50g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [NEW] Ecuador Sozoranga Yambamine "Sidra" | 50g

[NEW] Ecuador Sozoranga Yambamine "Sidra" | 50g

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NEW in AUGUST 2023

Ecuador Sozoranga Yambamine "Sidra"

A unique coffee with a unique fermentation process from the Ecuador Yambamine farm has been added to the lineup.

The variety is Sidra, which has been attracting attention in recent years.The process is ``Red washed''
After fermentation in the cherry state for 120 hours, after pulping, lactic acid bacteria are added in a tank injected with carbon dioxide for another 120 hours to control fermentation.

Producer Diana applies the chemical-free, organic cultivation techniques she cultivated through shrimp farming, which is popular in Japan, to coffee.
The farm's unique fermentation process brings out Sidra's unique rich flavor and bright, clean acidity.

This is a special process for varieties that have attracted attention in recent years.
Please try this cup of complex flavor.

We have included a new coffee from Ecuador's Yambamine farm to our lineup.

The Sidra variety, which has gained a lot of attention in recent years, processed with 'Red Washed' process. After 120 hours of fermentation, cherries are pulped, placed in a carbon dioxide-filled tank for another 120 hours, and fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

Diana, the producer, applies chemical-free and organic cultivation techniques that are used to grow shrimps, to the production of her coffee. The unique fermentation processes enhance the distinct, dense flavor of Sidra and bring out its bright, clean acidity.

A variety with rising popularity processed with unique techniques. Come and try this cup of complex and flavorful coffee.

Variety: Sidra
Altitude: 1,750m
Processing: Red Washed
Tasting notes: Apple, Mandarins, Apricot, Cider, Herb, Orange blossom ,Dried mango

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