【NEW】 Colombia El Diviso "Ombligon" | 100g
【NEW】 Colombia El Diviso "Ombligon" | 100g
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【NEW】 Colombia El Diviso "Ombligon" | 100g

【NEW】 Colombia El Diviso "Ombligon" | 100g

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NEW in MAY 2024

Colombia El Diviso "Ombligon

A new coffee bean will be added to the lineup from El Diviso Farm, which is used by many baristas both in Japan and abroad in competitions and is attracting attention not only in Colombia but also around the world.

El Diviso farm was founded in the southern Huila department to discover new ways to improve the quality of Colombian coffee.
The Lasso Family of farmers experiment with different microbial processes to achieve a unique, traceable cup profile that is internationally recognised.

The Ombligon variety, which arrived from El Diviso Farm in Huila, Colombia, is a local term used for a native Ethiopian variety.

Ombligon is Spanish for navel, and the locals began calling this variety the "cherry with a belly," hence the name.

Ripe, high-sugar coffee cherries are sterilized with 5% alcohol to remove impurities and unwanted bacteria.The coffee beans are then placed in bags and oxidized for 48 hours, then further oxidized for 60 hours, followed by anaerobic fermentation for 24 hours.

Enjoy the bright fruity flavor reminiscent of blood orange and cassis, as well as the complex, rich taste that comes from the variety.

Variety: Ombligon
Altitude: 1,700m
⁡Processing: Anaerobic Natural
Tasting notes: Blood Orange, Riped Apricot, Cassis, Cherry Coke, Hibiscus, Chocolate


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