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【NEW】Guatemala Huehuetenango El Injerto ⁡ | 100g

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NEW in MAR 2023

Guatemala Huehuetenango El Injerto

El Injert Farm, which is a representative farm of Guatemala and won second place in last year's COE. In addition to the taste, we are also working on many social and environmental aspects.

The El Injert plantation provides housing for both permanent and temporary workers and provides all the basic services necessary for life.

Only the fully ripe fruit is hand-picked by skilled pickers. It's because Improved working conditions and intensive care for workers have created a virtuous circle where the quality of the coffee has improved and the profits have enabled further improvements.

Environmentally, it has been RA certified for over 10 years and is the first in Guatemala to be certified carbon neutral.

It's a wonderful farm that circulates a very sustainable initiative in terms of environmental and social responsibility!

In addition to the gorgeous aroma derived from Geisha, it has a dense taste with natural sweetness. Please try!

Harvesting is done only by skilled pickers who hand-pick only fully ripe fruits. Skilled pickers are attracted to the farm because of the excellent wages and working conditions as well as the thorough care provided to the workers. Thorough care for the workers, the quality of coffee has improved, leading to a positive cycle of further improvements made possible by the profits.

In terms of environmental responsibility, the farm has obtained RA certification for over 10 years and has also obtained Carbon Neutral certification, the first in Guatemala.

This is a wonderful farm that has implemented highly sustainable practices in both environmental and social responsibility, creating a positive cycle of initiatives!

The coffee has a rich density of flavor with natural sweetness, accompanied by a vibrant aroma derived from the Geisha variety. Please give it a try!

Variety: Geisha.
Altitude: 1900
Processing: Washed
Tasting notes: Jasmine, Green apple, Pear, Mandarin, Brown sugar, a Green tea, Sweet cup

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