Starter 3-Types (150g × 3pc)《Free Shipping》
Starter 3-Types (150g × 3pc)《Free Shipping》
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Starter 3-Types (150g × 3pc)《Free Shipping》
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Starter 3-Types (150g × 3pc)《Free Shipping》

Starter 3-Types (150g × 3pc)《Free Shipping》

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GLITCH COFFEE's barista carefully selects 3 types of coffee beans, 150g each, and delivers them. This item is free shipping.

Rwanda Huye Simbi Natural
②Kenya Embu Kithungururu
Ethiopia Gedeb Worka Sakaro

*The types of coffee beans are changed regularly.

①Rwanda Huye Simbi Natural

High-quality flavors such as Orange , Fresh Fig and Blueberry are overwhelmingly satisfying. In addition to the smooth texture and bright acidity, it is a coffee that you can enjoy a side like cacao and calamel .

It is a highly recommended cup for daily use. Please enjoy the sophisticated flavor at home!

Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1,763m
Processing: Natural
Tasting Note: Orange, Fresh fig, Blueberry, Almond, Caramel, Cacao, Round, Juicy

②Kenya Embu Kithungururu

Juicy and clean coffee reminiscent of Grape, Mate Tea and Black Tea.
You can fully enjoy the complex and rich taste changes such as Brown Sugar, Dried Prune, and Tomato.

Variety: SL28, SL34, RUIRU11
Altitude: 1,600m
Processing: Fully washed
Tasting notes: Grape, Mate Tea, Black Tea, Brown Sugar, Dried Prune, Tomato, Walnut, Juicy

Ethiopia Gedeb Worka Sakaro

Refined using a traditional Washing process, Sakaro coffee is characterized by an overwhelming clarity that surpasses all others.
Rich and sophisticated aromas and flavors of Jasmine and Muscat.
A high-quality taste reminiscent of a refreshing orange.
Please pay attention to the long-lasting beautiful afterglow.

Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 1,900-2,000m
Processing: Washed
Tasting Note: Jasmine, Muscat, Floral, Orange, Complex, Improve

Please enjoy the difference in taste by drinking comparison.

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