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Colombia El Paraiso Double Anaerobic (Red Fruit)

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Colombia El Paraiso Double Anaerobic (Red Fruit)
(Colombia El Paraiso Anaerobic Red Fruit)

At the Cup of Excellence, an international coffee competition held in Colombia, the coffee beans that adopted the Double Anaerobic Fermentation from El Paraiso Farm won the highest bid.

GLITCH has been selling El Paraiso's lychee Lot for some time. Red Fruits introduced this time are coffee beans with different flavor types from the farm. It is a wonderful coffee that you can enjoy for a long time with a fruity feeling reminiscent of raspberries and stone fruits, a gentle acidity like apricot, and a fragrant finish.

Sophisticated coffee beans that represent the current Colombian coffee. Please try drinking and comparing with lychee Lot of the same El Paraiso. It is a popular coffee bean with many fans even at GLITCH stores.

Processing:Micro Lot Double Anaerobic
Tasting Note:Raspberry, Stone Fruits, Apricot, Very Floral, Long Aftertaste

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